Make Valentine’s Day special

Valentine’s Day is coming around again. Why not make a Valentine’s card for someone special using your own thumb print to create a heart? It doesn’t get more personalized than this!

All you need is an A4 sheet of thickish white paper (card stock), acrylic paint in red or bright pink, and a brush to spread the paint on the underside of your thumb. You will also need to print the rosebud pattern that you can find HERE.

Add a blob of paint to the underside of your thumb
Print the rosebud pattern

Do a practice run on scrap paper

Do a few practice runs on some scrap paper because you may not be happy with your first attempt.

Here’s what to do:

Cut your sheet of card stock in half. Use one half for the card and the other half to make the thumb print heart.

Spread paint on the underside of your thumb; make sure that you cover the entire area in a nice oval shape.

Place your thumb print on the paper at an angle to the left. Make sure you’ve pressed it down well so that the complete painted area is transferred on to the paper.

Spread paint on your thumb again and place your thumb print at an angle again, but to the right – overlapping at the bottom. This creates a “V” shape, which actually makes a perfect heart. Leave to dry.

Make one thumb print at an angle to the left

Once it’s dry, mark off a square around the heart so that it’s nicely framed (see example). Cut this out.

Fold the one half of the A4 sheet that you’ve reserved for the card, in half.

The thumb print heart will be assembled on the outside of the card, leaving the inside for your personal message.

Measure off a section of the rosebud pattern that’s just smaller than the front of the card. You want to create a thin white border around the pattern (see example).

Glue the rosebud pattern piece in place. Glue the thumbprint heart in the centre.

If you’d like to add text to the outside of the card (as in the example), simply make your rosebud pattern piece smaller at the top and the bottom.

The left-over rosebud pattern piece that you printed makes great gift wrap for a small gift.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to for this original idea.

Make Valentine’s Day special
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