Pretty pop-up Mother’s Day card

Not much time left to Mother’s Day!

In many countries around the world, Mother’s Day is coming up on the 10th of May.

Here’s a really simple but stylish pop-up Mother’s Day card for you to make.

It’s decorated with delicate pastel sweet peas on a trellis on the outside of the card, and a bouquet of sweet peas forms the pop-up on the inside.

All the artwork has been provided in this Dropbox link.

The finished card is in the “landscape” orientation and measures 7 X 5 inches. That’s 7 inches wide and 5 inches high. But it’s a folded card, so the actual size of the paper that you will need is 7 X 10 inches. White works best to show off the sweet peas.

Card stock is the ideal type of paper to use. You will need an extra sheet of white card stock to print the bouquet. You’ll also need a piece of color card stock of the same size (color of your choice to co-ordinate with the artwork); this piece will hold the pop-up in place on the inside of the card. It’s like a card lining.

Print the outside of the card on a color printer. It’s the file marked “outside of card”. I’ve given the files in both PDF and JPEG formats, so that you can choose whichever is easier for you to work with.

Fold the card in half and press down firmly on the fold line.

Print the bouquet. The bouquet needs to be cut out. First do a very rough cut to get rid of the excess paper. Then use fine scissors to cut around the bouquet close to the artwork, but leaving an edge all the way around (see example).

Fold the cut-out bouquet just below the flowers – in the middle of the bow – see the example. This bottom part of the bow will form the anchor of the pop-up.

Next prepare you color insert. Cut the insert just smaller than the full size of the card, so that there’ll be a small white border around the color insert when you glue it in place.

Fold the insert in half. Now create the section that will form the pop-up mechanism.

To do this, on the fold, make a mark at the halfway point. Then make a small mark ¾ inch (2 cms) to the left of the centre and another mark ¾ inch (2 cms) to the right of the centre.

Next mark ¾ inch in from the left mark and ¾ inch in from the right mark. See the example.

Now carefully cut from the folded edge up to the marks that you’ve made (see example). Fold this “tab” upwards.

When you open the color insert, this section must fold in the opposite direction to the rest of the insert – i.e. it must stand out.

Now you need to glue the entire color insert into the inside of the main body of the card. Make sure you line up the middle folds of both components. Be careful not to get glue on the small section that forms the anchor of the pop-up. Close the card and place something heavy on these two parts while they dry.

Once dry, glue the bottom part of the bouquet (i.e. the bottom ribbon section of the bouquet that’s been folded) to the right hand side of the inside of the card. Make sure you position it correctly – the fold that you made in the bouquet should line up against the fold of the pop-up section of your color inner, but the bouquet ribbons must be on the card itself. See example.

Next glue the small section of the bouquet that touches the pop-up section of the color inner. See the example. This needs to be glued securely because it forms the mechanism that will make the bouquet pop up when the card is opened.

Press the card closed and allow to dry.

Once dry, write your personal message on the inside (use the left and right) of the card. You can embellish the card further inside and out with charms, glitter, or any pretty embellishments that you have.

You can’t beat a special card made by hand with love. Your mother will be overjoyed!

Pretty pop-up Mother’s Day card
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