Meadow flowers watercolor collection

Meadow flowers watercolor collection


Pretty meadow flowers; 12 pre-made clip art items, 4 patterns and 31 elements



This watercolor collection is inspired by the delicate summer flowers growing wild in the fields.
The hand painted flowers are in shades of pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue and lilac.
The clip art items and patterns are perfect of wedding and other stationery, paper crafts, labels, logos and packaging.

The design set includes:
3 wreaths;
3 sprays;
2 card templates;
1 border;
1 floral drop;
1 card / page border;
1 floral frame;
4 seamless patterns;
31 elements.

Meadow flowers watercolor collection

Sizes and info

All clip art items are given in high resolution (300 DPI) JPEG and PNG file formats.
JPEG pattern files have a color background and are also given in PNG format.
Elements are given in PNG format.

Circular wreaths measure 10 X 10 inches (3000 X 3000 pixels).
The laurel wreath measures 8 X 10 inches (2400 X 3000 pixels).
Spray 1 measures 6 X 10.5 inches (1800 X 3150 pixels).
Spray 2 measures 7.5 X 8.5 inches (2250 X 2550 pixels).
Spray 3 measures 10 X 8 inches (3000 X 2400 pixels).
The border measures 12 X 6 inches (3600 X 1800 pixels).
The floral drop, card / page border, floral frame and the card templates measure 7.5 X 10.5 inches (2250 X 3150 pixels).
The patterns measure 12 X 12 inches (3600 X 3600 pixels).

The individual elements vary in size, being on average approximately 3 X 3 inches.
For examples, single flowers measure 3.2 X 3.2 inches.
Floral clusters measure 2.5 X 3.4 inches.
Branches measure 2.1 X 2.8 inches.



Meadow flowers watercolor collection

The download

1 zipped folder is immediately available for download following purchase, containing 6 sub-folders:

Folder 1 contains the border and the page border (JPEG and PNG) – 4 files.
Folder 2 contains the 31 elements (PNG) – 31 files.
Folder 3 contains the floral drop, 2 card templates and the floral frame (JPEG and PNG) – 8 files.
Folder 4 contains the 4 patterns (JPEG and PNG) – 8 files.
Folder 5 contains the 3 sprays (JPEG and PNG) – 6 files.
Folder 6 contains the 3 wreaths (JPEG and PNG) – 6 files.

63 files in total.

You will receive an e-mail containing the link to your download.

Meadow flowers watercolor collection


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